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Terms of PigeonGram

Certain weather conditions make it is unsafe for birds to fly messages. These conditions may include, but are not limited to, rain, thunderstorms, strong winds, temperature extremes and fog. During such conditions, birds are not released with messages therefore we cannot guarantee an exact shipping date.

Message Content
We reserve the right to refuse any message. In general, we do not restrict message content, but we will refuse messages that we believe are threats to persons or property.

PigeonGrams are anonymous unless you place information in the message that would indicate that you are the sender.

We do not give out the details about message content. If you, as the sender, have questions about your order, use the email address you supplied when the order was placed.

We do not sell or share the information that is entered when an order is placed. We will only send email to a supplied email address if we need to clarify information concerning an order or other order related communcation.

Any formatted message displayed on this site has been created by PigeonGram for display purpose.

We have only limited control of our birds and your message when it is being flown.

Our total liability and remedy for failure to fly a message is the refund of the purchase price.

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