Your Message Carried by a Homing Pigeon

Description of PigeonGram Shipping Options

A PigeonGram is the actual paper with the sender's message that has been carried by a homing pigeon and then attached to a letter of authenticity. This letter, signed by the loft manager, certifies that it is an actual PigeonGram message carried in flight by a PigeonGram pigeon. The letter is then sealed in an envelope and bears a PigeonGram label.

We attempt to fly a message within 24 hours after receipt of the message order and mail it the same or next business day. (Monday through Saturday unless a USPS holiday)

After receiving your message order we will send email with the expected date it will be carried and forwarded based on the weather and day of week.

Shipping - Standard
With Standard shipping the PigeonGram is sent First Class mail to the recipient's address. The US postal service will usually deliver a First Class letter within 3 to 5 days.

Shipping - Priority Mail (USA)
The original PigeonGram envelope is sent in a Priority Mail envelope using USPS Priority Mail service. It can be sent directly to the recipient or the sender (forward to sender) based on the address entered on the order. Priority Mail includes tracking through the USPS website. We will email the USPS tracking number to the sender. Priority Mail is usually delivered on the 2nd day after the day it is received by (given to) the USPS.

Shipping - Forward to Sender
With Forward to Sender the PigeonGram is sent as First Class mail, to the person who places the order. The actual PigeonGram envelope containing the message and letter is placed inside a second shipping envelope addressed to the sender. Be sure to enter your (the sender) mailing address on the order. The sender's address will not appear on the actual PigeonGram inner envelope label. The name entered in the 'Message To Name' box will be on the label of actual PigeonGram envelope.

This allows the sealed PigeonGram envelope to be hand delivered, added to a gift or forwarded to the recipient by the person who ordered the PigeonGram. It's up to you and your imagination.

International (Outside USA)
Standard PigeonGrams to APOs are the same as US pricing.
We do send standard First Class mail PigeonGrams to international addresses.

The postage fee for Priority Mail International is over $20 so it is probably not a viable option.

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