Here Are A Few Ideas
Use your Imagination To Create A Special Message

Put your birthday wishes to your loved one or friend into a message. They have probably gotten cards and emails for their birthday but a PigeonGram will be a surprise they will always remember.

Stars in Your Eyes
Has a special person caught your eye but when you are around them you have a difficult time starting a conversation, telling them your feelings, or asking her or him out for coffee, dinner or a movie?

Put your feelings or request for a date or activity into a PigeonGram message. Use the Forward to Sender shipping opinion to have it sent to you which then allows you to pick that time or place to give it to her or him. Show the person your imagination and an unique effort.

Missing Someone
Tell them with a PigeonGram message. They will know you put extra effort in showing that your care.

Get Someone's Attention
Put your request or offer in a message. You will certainly get their attention when they receive it in a PigeonGram.

Want to invite friends or family to some special event. Make your invitation special by using PigeonGram.

Forgot a birthday or to reply to someone's message? Send you wishes or reply in a PigeonGram. We won't mind if you tell them that if it arrived late it is because you had a pigeon carrry it.

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