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We used PigeonGram to invite our closest friends and family to be part of our wedding party, and could not have been more pleased with their services. The staff spent a great deal of time explaining exactly how the process works, and answering all of our questions.

We had 14 different recipients, so detail was certainly important to us. The staff sent us proofs to make sure the names, addresses and messages were laid out correctly. Only five days went by between the time we sent our list to PigeonGram, and when the birds were flown and the messages sent out, which was incredible.

But, the best part was the reactions of all of our friends to our unique, one-of-a-kind request to be in our wedding party. Many of our friends even said they were going to frame the letter! We would highly recommend PigeonGram for your special note or occasion they are a unique, detail-oriented, efficient and creative service!


I sent a PigeonGram to my father for father's day. I ordered about four days before father's day but they expedited my order free of charge to make sure it arrived in time. It did arrive on time and my dad and family thought it was a creative and sweet gesture. I'm sure I will send more PigeonGrams for various occasions. Thanks you guys.


I stumbled upon your site after my second date with a lovely young lady, where she insinuated that receiving a message from a carrier pigeon would, "Make her life." I didn't know if that was still a thing or not, but here you are!


This is the coolest thing I've ever done.


I was so, so impressed with the level of care and personalization PigeonGram offered to help make my fundraising campaign a success. They are so committed to their craft, and to making the experience of opening a PigeonGram message special. I would highly recommend them for giving your promotion or fundraising campaign a special touch.


I'll definitely recommend your service to others.


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