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PigeonGram in Texas Parks and Wildlife Magazine
Make an Impression by Sending a Unique Correspondence

PigeonGram allows you to create a unique message by having a homing pigeon carry it during flight.

Your message is printed on PigeonGram message paper and it is attached to a homing pigeon. The bird is conveyed to a release point in the area near the PigeonGram loft, released and your message is carried by the homing pigeon through the sky and over the trees and fields of rural Texas on the journey back to the PigeonGram loft.

A PigeonGram is the actual message that was carried in flight by the homing pigeon that has been attached to a letter of authenticity from PigeonGram. It is mailed, using the US Postal Service, to the recipient. Please note that the homing pigeon does not arrive at the recipient's location, only the letter and message in the mail.

See an Image of Your PigeonGram

After your message is carried by a PigeonGram pigeon, we can email a digital image of the PigeonGram to you, to the recipient or both. The PigeonGram will be mailed but it allows the words of your special message to arrive at the recipient sooner.

Message Example

Surprise Someone by Sending Them a Special Message

People still get a feeling of joy when an envelope from a loved one or friend arrives in the mailbox. A PigeonGram is a unique way to deliver that personal message.

Homing pigeons have been used for centuries as messengers. Our homing pigeons can carry your message today.

Promote Your Event or Product

If you would like to use PigeonGrams as an event invitation or as a promotion for your product or business we can offer a discount on pricing. Contact us and we will discuss customizing our PigeonGram service to meet your needs.

Support a Small Business - Send a PigeonGram

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